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  • Supports Many Popular HD Videos:
    The Cyclone Primus supports many popular 1080p HD video formats currently on the market
  • Formats supported include H.264; MKV; MPEG 2-TS; RMVB (up to 720p) and WMV9
  • Supports USB Host and Memory Cards:
    With USB Host support you can plug storage devices such as hard disk drives; flash drives or mp3 and play them directly through the Cyclone
  • With its built-in 3-in-1 card reader; the Cyclone Primus is able to support memory cards such as SDHC, SD and MMC
  • Fully built-in SATA HDD player
    Media player which has a internal 3.5 SATA drive slot
  • HDMI Digital Output:
    With the HDMI interface you can enjoy superb digital video and audio quality playback on your TV
    Media Storage Support: USB devices with file systems: FAT, FAT32 and NTFS only.
    SD, MMC, SD and SDHC Memory card devices with file systems:
    FAT and FAT32 only.
    Video: Container (MKV, AVI, TS / TP, MP4 / MPV , MOV, VOB, PMP, RM / RMVB, MPG,
    M2TS, WMV)
    Codec (MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, XVID, H.264, H.263, WMV / VC-1
    and RMVB).
    Resolution up to 1920 x 1080 (30fps)
    Audio: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, AAC, AC3
    Photo: JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF” Support 1080p when using HDMI output to TV
    Subtitles: Subtitle Support:SSA, ASS, SUB, ACSII and UTF8
    Functions: Playback
    Input Connections: 2x USB2.0 and 1x SD / MMC / SDHC Card
    Output Connections: 1x HDMI 1.3 and 1x Composite (AV) and digtial coaxial
    HDMI: Up to 1080p
    OS Language: English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese
    DC Power: 12V 2A
    Product specifications and appearances are subject to change without notice
    Cyclone Primus FAQ

    Sumvision Cyclone Primus:



    Frequently Asked Questions



    1. Why is there no display or sound output from the TV?


    This may have several causes.


    Please check that you have selected the correct AV channel on your TV.


    For example, if you have connected the device to the TV through the ports labelled AV3, select channel AV3.


    If you have determined that the device has been connected correctly, it may be set to the incorrect output mode.  To select a different video output mode, press the “TV/SYSTEM” button on the Cyclone remote control.  Wait a couple of moments for your TV and media player to implement the changes.


    Repeat this process until video output is correctly displaying on the TV.


    1. Why is the video displayed in black and white?


    This is a common problem, particularly in older TV sets, in which your TV maybe set to a different encoding system to your media player.


    To solve this issue go to the setup menu and navigate to “Video”.  Scroll down to “Video Output” and select the appropriate encoding system.


    For example, if your TV is running on PAL then select the PAL option.  Like wise, if your TV is running on NTSC then select the NTSC option.


    1. How do I upgrade the firmware of my Primus?


    Download the most recent firmware from the Sumvision website and extract its contents into the root directory of an empty USB pen drive.


    Insert the USB pen drive into the Cyclone Primus and navigate to “USB Device”.


    Select the firmware update.


    1. The screen goes blank during a firmware update.  Have I done something wrong?


    This is normal during a firmware update.  Please wait for a couple of moments for the firmware to complete.


    On rare occasions, the display via HDMI is incorrect during a firmware update.


    On these occasions, please ensure that the device is also connected to your TV via the supplied composite cable during the firmware update.  When the screen goes blank, select the composite connection as the active input on your TV.



    1. Why does my Primus no longer respond?


    If the Cyclone Primus no longer responds to the remote control, the batteries may have used up their charge.  Please replace them with new ones.


    Obstruction of the infrared’s field of vision may also cause unresponsiveness in the player.  Please remove all potential obstructions between the player and the remote control.


    Please clean the infrared receiver.


    1. What size batteries does the remote control take?


    The Cyclone Primus remote control requires two AA batteries to power.


    1. What is the largest capacity hard disk drive that can be installed in the Cyclone Primus?


    The Cyclone Primus supports internal 3.5-inch hard disk drives with capacities of up to 2TB (terabytes).


    1. What is the largest capacity external hard disk drive that is supported by the Primus?


    You can plug in external hard disk drives with capacities of up to 2TB.


    1. Will the Primus be able to power an external 3.5-inch hard disk drive through the USB port alone?


    It is very unlikely that the USB port will be able to provide sufficient power by itself.  It is advised that you plug in the power adapter provided with your external 3.5-inch hard disk drive.


    1. I have a small 2.5-inch external hard disk drive that requires two USB ports to power.  Will this work with the Primus?


    Unfortunately due to the placement of the two USB ports on the Primus, it is unlikely that your cable will be able to reach both ports.  You may be required to use a separate power adapter to power your external hard disk drive.


    On rare occasions if you have a low capacity 2.5-inch hard disk drive with a low spindle speed, you may be able to power the drive by the USB port alone.  This is because the drive may require less power to operate it.


    1. What is the maximum memory card capacity that the Primus supports?


    The maximum memory card capacity that is supported by the Cyclone Primus is 8GB.


    1. Will the Cyclone Primus work even though there is no hard drive installed in it?


    Yes.  The Cyclone Primus will still function as a media player adapter if you do not wish to install an internal hard disk drive.  Simply plug in an external hard disk drive or pen drive and you will still be able to view your movies.


    1. I have connected my surround sound system to the Cyclone Primus but do not get any DTS or AC3 output.


    In order for the Primus to output DTS or AC3 through your surround sound system please ensure that “SPDIF RAW” has been selected from the setup menu.


    1. How do I install a hard drive into the Primus?


    Please ensure that the device has been disconnected from the mains power.  Turn the device upside down and remove the four screws located inside the rubber feet.


    Lifting the bottom plate off and turning it around will reveal three notches from which you will be able to secure the hard disk drive to the plate. Use the screws provided to secure you hard disk drive.  (It may be easier for you to connect your hard disk drive before securing it to the bottom plate.)


    There are two SATA connectors inside.  The larger of the two is the power connector and the smaller one is the data cable.  Connect the SATA data and power connectors to your hard disk drive interface.


    Put the top segment back on to the bottom plate and replace the four screws back into the relevant holes.


    1. I have just installed a new hard drive.  Does the Cyclone Primus have a format feature?


    No. In order to format the hard disk drive you will need to PC.


    Connect the Primus to you computer with the supplied USB cable to any available port.  Please note that you will also need to plug in the provided power adapter for the Primus.


    Switch on your Primus by pressing the standby button your remote control.  Once switched on your PC should detect the primus as a USB device.


    On your computer click on the “Start” menu and then right click on “My Computer”.  Select ”Manage” and the “Computer Management” window will appear.


    On the left of the window select “Disk Management”.  If you don’t see this option select “Storage” and it should appear.


    In the disk management window you should notice some white bars with either thin black or blue bars above them. They should also have the words Disk 1, Disk 2 etc on their left.  Locate the bar that has a thin black bar and the words “Unallocated” in it.  Please be careful and ensure you select the correct one. 


    Right click on the appropriate bar and select “New Partition”.  This should open the new partition wizard.  Click on “Next” until the window labelled “Format Partition”.  Select “Perform a quick format” then click “next” and finally click “Finish”.


    1. How do I put my movies, music and pictures on to the Primus?


    Connect the Primus to your PC using the supplied USB cable.  The PC should detect your Primus as a USB device.  Once detected, all you have to do is drag and drop the desired files into your Primus hard disk drive.


    1. How do I connect the Primus to my network?


    The Cyclone Primus does not support this feature set therefore is unable to connect to your network.


    1. I’ve setup the Primus, but why can’t I view some of my movies?


    There are a large number of audio and video codecs available on the market and not all are compatible when paired with each other.


    If you are experiencing difficulties with playback of files, please ensure that the video and audio components are compatible.


    For example an avi file could have DivX for video and mp3 for audio.  This combination would work and you would have no issue with playback. 


    However an Xvid for video with AAC HC for audio would not work and it is unlikely that you would be able to playback this movie file.

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